Quality matters, that's why we are here.
We will provide you the right tools for your business to grow on the digital economy, automate your company processes, create brand awareness, connecting your business with the right people and make all lives easier.

Web Development, Online Marketing, Websites & Platforms, Web Applications, Mobile Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media

Web Development, Online Marketing, Websites & Platforms, Web Applications, Mobile Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media



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We will be the solver for all your challenges. The strong knowledge & experience of our team in the complex technology market will be passed to every idea, every project & every business.


To achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves we have a multi-cultural & passionate team dedicated to achieve all the objectives and make every project a successful reality.


As we are developing your idea and improving your business, we adopt an open minded posture, loads of flexibility & full transparency. We believe that only free environments could lead to creative & great ideas.


Project develop by Ignite Your Project to Belezeb


This project came to us in a raw state. We helped the entrepreneurs behind the idea and now we are developing a exquisite beauty services platform to implement in Brazil and then in the rest of the world.

Project develop by Ignite Your Project to Universidade


Here it is a re-ignition project. The owner came to us and ask us to create a brand new SEO and SEM strategy for the website.

Project develop by Ignite Your Project to K-lighting


In this project the product owner asked us to develop a complete new dynamic website and also work on the digital exposure. We are working on that.

Ignited Projects

Project that developed for our parteners by Ignite Your Project


João Albuquerque - Team Leader @ Ignite Your Project

Filipe Albuquerque

Filipe is a Senior Backend Developer and a TeamLeader at Ignite Your Project. He is a widely experienced PHP and Symfony 2 developer, and a strong advocate of SOLID principles in software design. Filipe previously worked in Berlin at Rocket Internet and in London at Lendinvest.

Daniela Rosário - UI & UX - Designer @ Ignite Your Project

Daniela Rosário

Daniela it's passionate about UX strategy and always looking for perfection. Daniela has joined Ignite Your Project Team as a UX & UI Designer but she also has a great background in Cinema. Have previously worked in México at AyS (ONG - Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle.

José Cabral - Developer & Project Manager @ Ignite Your Project

José Cabral

José is one of the Backend Developers here at Ignite Your Project. He has extensive knowledge in PHP and has been developing using Symfony2 for a few years now. He joins us from his previous role at NOS (Mobile phone operator company).

Inês Santos - Business Developer && Marketeer @ Ignite Your Project

Inês Santos

Inês brings communications and digital marketing experience to us. She manages the partnerships, as well as the digital marketing strategy of each project. Inês has a background in Law and Business & had worked with big player like Traffic Optimizer and SponsorPay.


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